21 Sep 2011

North Lands Residency Day One

Fantastic first day here up in Lybster on residency at North Lands Creative Glass. Many of us here from around the world all passionate about glass and Caithness.
We started out looking at three architectural sites around Lybster (the residency being called In Place - kiln formed glass in architecture) but quite a loose theme which we can use as a beginning but really just a concentrated time to think and be inspired by what and who's around us. These images are from an old croft house right on the sea cliff....too late now to really think straight and so many images to process but will try and post each day.My first thoughts though are of sadness and dereliction and questions about how beautiful, functional buildings start to crumble and are left for nature to take over.

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ang walford said...

awesome pics...have a great residency :))