2 Sep 2011

Raptors - Do not adjust your screen

This post includes an awful amount of yellow, orange and brown....really not sure what has happened but beginning to enjoy this end of the spectrum. These images are a mix of small and medium bowls with cameo engraving through 2-3 layers of glass powder.

Starting on ideas for a commission piece (more about this near the end of the month) and a follow on in the line of work looking at the birds. Just learning the colours at the moment and what works as I engrave through the layers; the medium pieces are much thinner than my current work as I'm trying to achieve balance without grinding a bottom. The next batch will get even thinner as want these pieces to feel really light like picking up a bird. Also playing a lot with different forms from the taller thinner vessels.
 Medium bowls are available at the Tolbooth in Kirkcudbright and the smaller pieces have gone up to West Kilbride (will write about that in a seperate post as exciting things are happening in Craft Town Scotland!).


Hannah said...

Oh flip, exciting pieces Mrs.

ang walford said...

very warming :)) it must be the effects of summer on your work, just lovely