14 Oct 2011

2nd Zurich Vessel Course

I was travelling light this time to Zurich in August and so no camera, the lovely Marta from Creative Ceramics sent me these....thanks Marta (lovely new moulds on their website). It was in the 30's temperature wise in Zurich (after leaving Scotland probably in the mid teens) as well as 3 kilns firing most days. Another great bunch of glass-makers all having fun with a new technique and such a well run glass studio at Creative Glass.

A very well earned beer with Erna (Harry turning up on his bike) and Marta....and no missed flights!


Stacey said...

How do you get the rim off your vessels. They are absolutely gorgeous!

ajsimmons said...

Hi Stacey, thanks for your comment. I use a normal glass cutter to cut the vessels from their rims...very carefully as the glass is about 2mm thin. Cheers Amanda