3 Nov 2011

Playing in the light

I attended my first welding course Monday at The Barony College near Dumfries (a 6 week intro course mainly looking at 'stick' Arc , MIG and TIG welding). I think I'm there really just to get a better idea of how it works as I don't expect to get very good going on my first welds.Also to be able to talk to a good welder in terms they understand to build fittings and fixtures for me (but do hope I can make something in 6 weeks, even if it's fixing the poor wheelbarrow that has done hundreds of trips full of rubble this last month).

Not anywhere near final designs but just starting points for my 'reflectors' (one of 3 or 4 ideas coming along nicely from the residency at North Lands).

1 comment:

ang walford said...

loving the light play amanda....these pieces will do well!!!