23 Dec 2011

Merry Midwinter and the last work of 2011

Recently finished new work and the first glass to come from my residency at North Lands Creative Glass. It's a starting point, getting bigger with free-form hand cut suspension moulds (and all the challenges of coldworking larger vessels, ones that have outgrown my diamond flat bed grinder.....I see wet belt sander envy coming soon). At least I will have chance to work with one when I get to Sunderland on the AA2A scheme....weather, bad health and living on a building site still, all got in the way of me getting there before the winter break.

The large piece above is the first Buoy Boy.... I love this shape and have many more planned, working with mainly powder construction with a coarse frit base. I am so glad I challenged my colour use in winter last year as I've got over using colours I thought I didn't like.....and now actually quite loving the bold warmer spectrum (even coming into some of my dreams of colour in the new kitchen circa 2012). Great to see the Pantone colour of 2012 is bright orange.

Below is 21 Causeymire.....again powder construction for these small vessels (21 in total to mirror the number of turbines at the Causeymire Wind Turbine site in Caithness). Whilst staying at North Lands in 2008 and this September I visited the turbines almost everyday (also the surrounding country side, the views coming back from inland towards the sea are stunning and quite addictive whatever the weather).


angela walford said...

i love Buoy Boy such gorgeous contrast and texture....mmmmm hope they have been received well...so how did the renovations go??

ajsimmons said...

Thanks Ang...part 2 starts Monday on the renovations (haven't quite got a functioning kitchen yet so still camping!).
I seem to be obsessed with white, grey and yellow at the moment and really enjoying working with glass powders which you can achieve a much more subtle look to sheet glass. More biggies going on next week when I'm at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland!
Hope you're having a great summer, it's very driech here today.

Victoria Scholes said...

I'm seriously in love with this piece. I love the worn out look and the persistent but varied engraving that reminds me of the animal and mechanical degradation that these things go through in real life. So clever to pick these wonderful objects out and make a reference to them in such a sharp way. Plus is the colour is to die for - I'm glad you got over whatever colour phobia you thought you had!