28 Feb 2012

Spring Fling Taster Exhibition 2012

2012 sees us celebrating 10 years of the Spring Fling Open Studio event and also celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee over the spring bank holiday 2-5 June. Each participant has to put work into the two taster exhibitions taking part in Dumfries and Stranraer (more info below). This event, over the last 5 years, has helped me establish my business in the region (after re-locating here from London 6 years ago) and I have made many new friends as a participant and as a director on the Organising committee for a year or so. This year I wanted to make a piece that comprised all I have learnt in that time in my glass work and also along with the ethos of the event, produce work as sustainable as possible in this medium.

Each of my vessels I make I create fused 'blanks' to then go in the kiln to form the shape. I cut off 4 squares of clear glass during this process which go into a large tub 'to be used later'. I've been collecting these for the last few years and thought it was about time I created some space by using them. I cast many clear glass scrap open face casts with these scraps, making then thick enough to slump a bowl on which I could then engrave quite deeply.

Using all the processes I do in my coloured gallery work - flat bed diamond grinding, diamond wheel engraving and sandblasting I have created these two vessels for the exhibition titled 'Diamonds are Forever'.

From the Spring Fling Website:

Spring Fling 2012 Taster Exhibition will be opened by Joan McAlpine MSP on the 2nd of March 6pm at Gracefield Arts Centre. All are welcome to attend the opening evening of the exhibition and enjoy a unique opportunity to preview and purchase the work of 76 artists, makers and designers.

The evening also features:
The opening of the Spring Fling 10 Year Retrospective Exhibition; 
The official launch of Spring Fling brochure;  
The unveiling of the brand new Spring Fling Smart Phone App;  
The unveiling of the newly developed Spring Fling On-line Shop.

Exhibition continues: 3 March - 12 April in Gracefield Arts Centre & 21 April - 19 May in Stranraer Museum.



Victoria Scholes said...

I love these pieces. Spot on for a diamond-y themed year - intelligent and intuitive design, beautifully executed and fantastic use of scrap glass! It makes me think it would be great to pull together thing things that artists make with scrap.

ajsimmons said...

Cheers Victoria...and very spooky as I was just commenting on your great news on the Glass Biennale!

I have so much scrap glass due to the 'drop' process so working on ideas of using this and thought I'd start with the clear and see how much coldworking it would all need....not too bad, and I like the idea of my time instead of more glass/firing costs to produce work, something we are all having to figure out I guess using this medium.