20 Mar 2012

Cupid's Labyrinths

New work is taking longer than I want at the moment, mainly due to it all going on in the house and when you work at home it's difficult not to be the main point of contact....but the end is in sight and I have some new work 'winging' it's way to Edinburgh.

These continue a current theme (for the past 3 years now) of love, labyrinths, relationships and the depths/highs these take us too. I'm still interested in getting as much movement into the glass I can as the process is far from static as much of kiln formed glass can be, so I like to play with the forms as they are dropping in the kiln. These pieces also make use of the wonderful chemical reactions between copper and sulphur in the glass, the 'wing' designs have been pre-fired and engraved before making the vessel 'blank' for firing.

Even though much of my focus at the moment is making bigger pieces, I still feel that the small vessels are perfectly formed with plenty more ideas and colour combinations to work through.

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Victoria Scholes said...

These are totally gorgeous, a real sense of depth and movement.