16 Apr 2012

Working with powders

I've been working with Bullseye Glass powders for several years now, slowly building up my knowledge and experience but recently they've become the main focus in my work to the point that sheet glass now feels bulky and a lot less subtle. I'm finding I can get much more detail into the work at the point of firing and not just with coldworking/engraving.

Samples shown here are all taken from my experience on residency at North Lands Creative Glass, a place that speaks to me on so many levels, with glass, landscape and life. Really looking forward to going back this Autumn.

Currently, some of these pieces are being slumped into vessels, using different forms from the majority of my pieces and playing with different angles and set-ups within the kiln.


Victoria Scholes said...

oh, I just love these. They could be drawings or marks made by nature on a stone or tree. And the colours! A breath of fresh air. I've posted a little blog, hope you don't mind..


ajsimmons said...

Thanks for the lovely blog post Victoria. It's quite heartening to hear feedback on new work from a fellow artist whose work I also admire! I feel totally re-energised in glass and what I can achieve using it...just could do with more time and energy!