8 May 2012

Big vessels at ZeST

'Glass Narratives' is currently on show at ZeST Contemporary Glass Gallery in London. I thought it was a great title that brings 6 makers, whose work is generally very different, together in one show. The narrative word keeps popping up at the moment and one that still makes me think whether or not telling a story in my work is important. There is always a story, event of emotion that triggers my ideas for the glass, mostly I haven't felt the need to go into this much as the execution of the narrative is generally quite abstract but recent work from my residency at North Lands is changing my need to communicate the story.

How I go about this I'm not sure but it's something I'm having to address when showing new work this year at Spring Fling. A great testing event for exhibiting work and getting very direct feedback from the visiting public, many of whom have come out to Corsock each year. It will be interesting hearing the comments and finding out how much of the story is important to know to appreciate the work, does it add to the work and will this be difficult to achieve in a gallery or show setting. I may go back into my shell of keeping it to myself but maybe this story needs to be told.

  • From their website:

  • "Lucy Batt, Tillie Burden, Peter Layton, Tolly Nason, Amanda Simmons, Sarah Wiberley
  • 4 May - 6 June 2012
‘Glass Narratives’ brings together glass artwork from: Lucy Batt, Tillie Burden, Peter Layton, Tolly Nason, Amanda Simmons and Sarah Wiberley.
Using a variety of fascinating techniques, each artist uses the form and finish of their work to tell a story. Their work invites you to admire the superb craftsmanship, passion and endeavour of these skilled glassmakers, but also encourages the viewer to look below the surface for the narratives beneath."

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