10 Dec 2012

Work at Contemporary Applied Arts

In November I went down to London to visit Contemporary Applied Arts opening of this years Xmas show 'Gifted' and alongside this focus shows of several CAA members including me. A chance for me to put quite a large body of work together on show in a great applied arts gallery. I decided to focus on ideas that formed on residency at North Lands Creative Glass in 2011 (see my series of posts about the residency starting here).

It influenced my colour choices, forms and textures and continued my experimentation with glass powders (above: North Lands Platter - a double sided large kiln formed glass platter. Formed in the same way as my smaller pieces, but just taken to the extreme).

A whole 'host' of Buoy Boy medium vessels.....

The piece below 'Lost at Sea' is probably one of my favourite vessels as I love the bold powder designs, the contrasts between the inside and out and how very fragile the rim is (not much thicker than 1mm....the joys of glass powders!).

 A medium sized 'Lost at Sea' (below) .....thinking about the buoys in the harbour, the end of the big fishing industry in Lybster and the perils of being out at sea....fragility, buoyancy and visibility. These pieces float on water, which was quite important considering I was originally inspired by buoys.

'Bird and Bone' series (below) was again thinking about fragility but in animal form this time. I wanted to achieve work that felt as light as a tiny bird in your hand....continuing my work with birds, going under the skin to reveal the lightweight skulls and bones. These are the lightest versions of my slumped vessels achieved to date.

It was great to see all the work on display at CAA and to meet some wonderful 'glassy' visitors at the private view night. I found the process of having an exhibition to focus on all year an excellent way to keep from straying onto other projects and I was able to spend a lot of time developing the vessels made with powders and all the technical challenges that arose.

The work is on show through til January.

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