10 Feb 2013

Lost at Sea in CAA Makers Auction

Contemporary Applied Arts in London are on the move to a beautiful building in Southwark. There they will build on the huge success of a dedicated applied arts centre, representing many contemporary makers in the UK. To help raise funds for the move makers are donating pieces for a live Auction on 14 March.
You can see a list of the participating makers here and nore about the move to Southwark here.
The piece I've donated was one of my favourites from last year....a change in form and construction of my work and fulfilled a long term ambition of getting the pieces to be light enough to float on water but with enough mass to physically drop through gravity to create the form. It's also my favourite image of the year by Shannon Tofts.....he understood immediately about how I was playing with the fragility of glass and balanced it on the edge of the plinth and caught the light shadows through the vessel perfectly. Fingers crossed it will sell in the auction......

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