1 Apr 2013

2013 Catch Up

April has come round so quickly but I do feel this has been a very long three months. Instead of trying to get a winter hibernation in after a very turbulent, busy, exhausting but successful year, I managed to start the year off way too quickly in a show at Peter Laytons gallery in Southwark in London. I sent my three biggest pieces to date and was very happy to finish these pieces in such harsh but expected conditions.

I spent a week in January teaching a Masterclass at Warm Glass in Wrington near Bristol. My second time teaching there, good to be familiar with the workshop this time and have a better grip on what happens in their kilns (opposed to what happens in my kilns at the same temperature....kilns are wonderful things with very different temperaments,but it does take a while to work out whats going on with a unfamiliar kiln). Great assistance from all at Warm Glass but especially Claire and Megan (thanks for the late night kiln watching!) who both helped the course run so smoothly.

February and March I've mainly been designing, making and sending off new work to three exhibitions (as well as getting completely hooked on etching and engraving on plates and learning much more about the huge varitey of print techniques there are....but that will be another post sometime).

Over Winter I have completely cleared out my workshop, 7 years worth of collected rubbish, dust, old work I think I can save and so many bits of wood...i'd thought 'they'll come in useful'. Had a great mezzanine floor put in and changed some roof panels to bring in the light. Not quite finished yet but it's already a much bigger joy going to work in my shed and the design lay-out makes working practices easier, with many moveable trolleys for lots more working space.

(Images: Top two images 'Travelling Light' Platter, large kiln formed gravity formed platter. Middle three - workshop in progress. Bottom two images 'Expansion' duo of kiln formed glass vessels)

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