15 Jul 2013

Portland trip to Bullseye

I'm not entirely sure where the past two months have disappeared to but I do know it's been great fun! Early May I went out to Bullseye Glass in Portland for an intensive week (along with other glass teachers from the USA and UK) of learning new techniques with kiln formed glass. Lovely to be back in Portland as its such a beautiful, relaxed city and especially great to spend a whole week in the research department at Bullseye, surrounded by every type of glass you can imagine and close by to the factory where amazing amounts of glass is produced by hand.
The picture above is one of the samples from a class we learnt about 'Go with the Flow', creating movement in kiln cast glass. One class out of many that we covered but probably my favourite (and one that I feel will be very useful in my own work) was 'Powder Printing' taught by Stacey Smith.
Chroma-Culture, the exhibition, was on at The Bullseye Gallery and surprisingly it was the white section I enjoyed the most (below is Tanya Pak and Emily Nachison - Thanks to Bullseye Gallery for letting us take images)

I flew home from Portland with a few days to spare before this years Spring Fling Open Studios event. Hopefully there is time in the next few months to work on some of the techniques I learnt but with SOFA Chicago work deadline zooming close it may have to be in Winter playtime.

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