20 Nov 2013

Feather from the swallows

My last collection of work leaving the studio this year is for 'Whiteout' at Contemporary Applied Arts. The brief was simply 'white',  struggling without my bright contrasting colours I began with sample tiles. During a lot of procrastination a white feather floated down from the workshop ceiling. It came from one of 5 swallow nests above my kilns and workspace. Used as a downy soft lining on top of the mud and straw constructed nest. I think 3 of the nests were built by juveniles as they don't seem as well built as the parents well used space and feathers popping out all over the place.
The feather gave me something to focus on, later making 'feather from the swallows', a large platter about 53cm diameter and 8cm tall and a set of medium vessels.
The shows opens on the 21st November through to the new year.

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