17 Mar 2014

New film by R&A Collaborations - Below the Surface

Before Christmas the great duo Richard Foot and Arron Fowler of R&A Collaborations came up to Corsock to make a film for me. Part of the Great Christmas Bartering Project they very kindly added me to the list of 8 makers that paid for their film with their own work. A brilliant offer for makers who know that marketing should be part of their budget but often placed at the bottom of the list after paying the bills and buying supplies. We had been discussing the project for a couple of years after I saw several of their films for other makers and really liked their fresh approach and in-depth vision of the makers work.

It was a day long project with Richard taking the hundreds of photos that create the film and Arron asking the questions throughout the day and then conducting the recorded interview which goes with the film. I wanted the project to focus more on the processes behind my glass work and felt that their technique and collaborative vision would work well.

I'm very happy with the finished piece and was surprised of how much I liked the printmaking section (and the getting ready for working with glass powders) as I think these are not what I see everyday. They were a great team to work with who understood early on what I wanted to achieve with the film and worked hard to produce the results. Highly recommended the duo to produce a promotional tool for your business with a very impressive back catalogue of films on their site (link above).

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