3 Jun 2014

Collect 2014 with Contemporary Applied Arts

Campaign Set Voyager I & II

A collection of my smaller vessels investigating the properties of gravity further. These were all inspired by the travels of Voyager I & II through our solar system becoming the furthest travelled human made objects in history. 
The stand at Contemporary Applies Arts at Collect was curated brilliantly this year with common threads running through the group of makers, each representing a medium. Alice Kettle (textiles) and I did a booth talk and whilst getting to know each others practice recognised some recurring themes and ways of working that we felt could work well together. We are currently discussing our 'cosmos' theme further and investigating some scientific venues to host our exhibition.
More information and some background imagery can be seen in my ISSUU publication after the images.
Campaign Set for Voyager I
Gravity Works Set I
Images from the stand at Collect

Gravity Works Set V
Gravity Works Set IV
Gravity Works Set III

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