21 Feb 2015

Vessel Forming Course at North Lands Creative Glass

Vessel Forming Course

7 day course at North Lands Creative Glass

Blooming Vessels

21 - 27 June 2015
Inspiration from the beautiful Highlands in full bloom with gardens perched on the edge of the land overlooking the North Sea; the starting point for a new skills class at North Lands Creative Glass this Summer. Amanda Simmons will lead a 7 day gravity formed vessel course for experienced kiln formers looking to experiment with larger scale vessels and hand made moulds.
Playing with gravity, mass, heat and time, you will make unique kiln formed vessels inspired by field trips to Dunbeath Castle in Caithness and Dunrobin Castle Gardens in neighbouring Sutherland. The group will investigate these two sites, the gardens, the plants that withstand the harsh conditions and the stunning sea, sky and landscapes we see along the way.
Fusing, slumping and cold working experience is preferable as Amanda will be spending more time on a one to one basis with each student. We will cover the basics of vessel making by producing small vessels as samples for the larger project.

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