7 Jul 2015

Catch up 1: Spring Fling Open Studios

It's been a difficult year interspersed with some lovely moments. These images were sent to me by Spring Fling Headquarters today, all taken by Colin Hattersley on his travels around the Spring Fling Open Studio event at the end of May.

It was a record year for visitors with wonderful weather and again my lovely Mum and sister Kim helping out loads with cake, sales and generally keeping me upright. I managed not to bake one cake and to only wrap up a few things the entire weekend.

Great sharing with the very lovely jeweller Natalie Vardey, our third time and a beginning of a jewellery collection with this years theme of Flotsam and Jetsam.

Unfortunately I didn't have as much stock as anticipated due to kiln breakdown and my compressor blowing up but luckily had a good collection of some larger pieces that I exhibited at SOFA Chicago to make a good display.

This years firsts....bunting inside and out, framed and mounted prints and lovely pansies in Hannah MacAndrew's wee mugs, used as table decorations at the potters wedding of the year, Hannah and Doug Fitch.

Next year I will be celebrating our 10th year here in Corsock so hopefully (selection permitting) will be making some limited edition vessels, panels and re-visiting some of my favourite older pieces from the past 10 years.

 Space Drinking Vessels (Orange and Yellow)

 One of my lovely returning visitors (Hope you liked your surprise!)

All images copyright Colin Hattersley / Spring Fling Open Studios 2015

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