6 Apr 2016

Process at Gracefield Arts Centre for Spring Fling 2016

For this years Spring Fling taster exhibition I had a play with current inspiration of Japanese watercolour block prints and glass powders. Sometimes it's just good to immerse yourself with tools and process; it showed me that there was a connection to my work and how each process influences each medium. I probably love my cutting tools, wood blocks and brushes as much as (or more than) the finished glass pieces.

Spring Showcase
9th April – 21st May
Preview 6-8pm Friday 8th April
Gracefield Arts Centre, 28 Edinburgh Road, Dumfries, DG1 1JQ

"This years flagship exhibition is at Gracefield Arts Centre. Many of the artists and makers taking part in the 2016 open studios event are exhibiting in the lead up to Spring Fling. 
This exhibition showcases a selection of paintings, drawings, prints and craft. Focusing on Process, this exhibition looks at not only the final article but explores how these finished art works come to be. In this exhibition you’ll find an exclusive behind the scenes approach. Artists and makers reveal methods of making their craft; from breaking down the physical act of making, preparatory sketches, photography and sketchbooks to the manifestation of their emotional engagement and further education, offering a unique insight in to the intimate process of making."

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Victoria Scholes said...

Absolutely gorgeous - subtle and compelling, well done Amanda